Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography also known as art photography reflects the creative and aesthetic sense of photographers. The fine art photographers click photos driven by their aesthetic urge rather than for their commercial interest. The premium archival photographs, like the other form of art successfully convey feeling and emotion; no wonder these are housed in museums and galleries.

The prints of fine art photography are generally sold to dealers or curators. The fine art photographs exhibited in museum and galleries draw applause from art lovers and most importantly speak about the creative vision of a photographer. The photographer brilliantly mixes his vision and skill to turn ordinary objects into a spell-bounding asset, something that leaves you speechless.

The art photographs are produced in limited edition and hence it is very rarely that you will come across such archival photographs in advertisements and magazines. Photography – despite being new form of art as compared to other forms of art (painting and music) is making ripples in the art world and in a way, it is winning hearts of art lovers. Even the self-confessed connoisseur of art cannot resist the temptation of viewing fine art photographs.

If you have a creative instinct and an eye for detail, you can think of a career in the field of fine art photography. Host of colleges and universities offer undergraduate programs in fine art photography.

The prints are undoubtedly the real asset for any art photographer. It is seen that despite the use of quality archival paper, with the passage of time, some prints do not last long. To counter this as a photographer, you must avoid certain things:

  • Keep the fine art prints at a safe distance from direct sunrays, which otherwise will play havoc with the prints.
  • Avoid keeping the fine art prints in humid places
  • The fine art prints must not be brought or exposed to a source of direct heat.

Since 1995, several online "web magazines" have surfaced as an endeavor to popularize the concept of fine art photography. The online art retailers experimenting with the idea of selling art photographs along side paintings have got a mixed response (most of the photographs sold were linked with big names).

Albert Sands, Timothy O’Sullivan and Carleton Watkins are some of the famous names associated with fine art photography; these phenomenal figures have become a source of inspiration for other art photographers.

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