Gothic Angel Art

Angels have amazed us right from times immemorial and, therefore, Gothic angel art too brings to us feelings of amazement and mystery, while flooring us with its beauty. This type of angel art is defined by features like robust Renaissance angels that are portrayed in glorious sketches with halos of gold and outstretched wings.

Gothic angel art relates to us stories of the Guardian Angel. Even today, angel art is very much a part of our lives. Thus, you can have home accessories featuring pictures of angelic auras, drawings depicting the angel beings, and the seraphic spirits on gossamer wings. Also available is Gothic angel art engraved in wearable jewelry; you can own such jewelry if you have a fetish for this kind of angel art.

Meaning Of “Gothic”

Gothic got its name from the German tribe of the Goths, who had, at a time, invaded Italy and conquered much of Europe, bringing about the ruin of the Roman Empire. The term 'Gothic' implies old; it came into existence since the Renaissance for signifying the Gothic art style of the Middle Ages. Gothic is deeply associated with music, a certain sensibility and lifestyle.

The Middle Ages was obsessed with the contrast between good and evil, with the struggle between purity and decadence as well as with death; the remarkable Gothic art and Gothic literature were mainly on these themes. However, the Italians considered the Goths responsible for breaking the Roman Empire and their version of Gothic meant 'barbaric'.

Gothic Architecture

The Middle Ages was a witness to the coming up of massive architecture cathedrals. These were built in true Ogive style, which the Baroque historians found rather tasteless and unrefined, naming it Gothic architecture. It is in this reference that the word ‘Gothic’ (or gothic architecture) began to connote something “dark and ominous”. Gothic architecture has otherwise also presented us beautiful art in the form of big Gothic cathedrals, like the notable Notre-Dame.

Gothic Style

Apart from the Gothic architecture, Gothic style also resembles the Gothic sculpture, artworks, glass works, illuminated manuscripts and the decorative pieces (from mid 12th to early 16th century). Gothic angel art is a very beautiful example of creative art. The angel art is definitely a deviation from the normal negative impression that Gothic art had been characterized with by the Renaissance people. Gothic angel art sure attracts the attention of everyone and there is every reason that one can be passionate about possessing one.

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