Native American Art

Native American art is a manifestation of a liberated spirit, pizzazz, quality of life and the virtual expression of religious, cultural and spiritual belief of the inhabitants of Native America. Native American art is multifarious – not limited to a single form; instead, it finds expression in varied forms. When enthusiasts stand before such an art form, they are only left with the feelings of admiration and wonder.

Native American art depicts life in the form of nature, culture, beliefs and traditions. The art also tells the story of struggle and hostility with nature. A look at things such as ancient Indian pottery, jewelry, basketry, weaving, paintings, beadworks, works of silver, several sculptures and beautiful carvings on wood – all give you glimpses of Native American art forms.

Art In Wood

The Indian American art, which belongs to the Pacific Northwest region of America, is all about woodcarvings in all magnificent forms and varieties. Among these, the most notable is the totem poles, which are carved out from whole tree trunks along with a wide array of plaque works. Native Indian people are also quite expert in making wooden masks.

Other items like bowl paddles, letter openers, rattles and boxes are also enthusiastically collected by admirers of American native art all over the world. Nature and animal symbols such as eagles, ravens, thunder birds, whales, bears and salmons are the ‘specialty’ of Northwest region. Native American art finds expression in forms such as art prints, precious metal jewelry and paintings of different varieties and categories.

The popularity of the art lies in the fact that they are essentially linked to conventional designs and motifs. The Native American art reflects the very essence of the life of the Native American – what they believe, what they love, what they admire and what they adore. In fact, these people have been producing art with their souls and rarely with their minds. They are more art worshipers than art creators.

How To Judge The Authenticity?

Many artists make a claim of being genuine Native American artists, but in reality, they are not. Thus, when you are buying an art piece, you have to be extremely careful. While making a deal of Native American art, you should buy it directly from the artist or you can also purchase from galleries and special shows. If possible, you should attend as many functions you can and make it a point to talk to several Native American artists. They will tell you how to judge the authenticity of the art form.

Just don't close your eyes and ears and go on believing the words of a store clerk, or what you have read from online stores and Internet. There are several books and articles to educate you about Native American art forms. Always remember, that only a right knowledge can save you from the hassle of buying something fake and unauthentic. Only correct knowledge and proper research work is a gateway to a fantastic and a genuine art piece.

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