Pin Up Art

The term 'pin up art' is applicable to a vast range of creative art, such as pin up models, pin up drawings and paintings and pin up photographs. The expression, ‘pin up’ actually implies informal display. This term was originally coined in English back in 1941, but the practice dates back to the 1890s.

A fetish for what we know as pin up art had begun right in the prehistoric times. The Paleolithic sculptures were dominated by the female form. Ancient Greeks, Romans and also the Europeans showed a taste for this kind of art. Pin up today holds an honorable position in modern art.

When a sexy and attractive picture of a woman or even a man compels you to pin up his/her picture on your wall, it can be referred to as a pin up photo.

Pin Up Model – The Cheesecakes And Beefcakes

Pictures of pin up models are the most popular and commonest forms of pin up art. You must have heard about the pin up girls, whose pictures are mass-produced and found a place in pop culture. The pin up girls are the glamour models, actors and fashion models who are generally considered great 'sex symbols'. Pin up girls have been nicknamed as “cheesecakes”; the idea is that a great looking woman is found to be “better than a cheesecake”.

Today, you will also find male models posing as pin up models. Sexy actors like Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt and others make for great pin up models. The term “beefcakes” applies to pin up guys.

Other Forms Of Pin Up Art

Paintings, drawings and illustrations made by imitating the photographs of pin up models are another form of pin up art known as pin up paintings. The pin up images can also be cut out from the newspapers, magazines, calendars, chromo-lithographs, postcards and many more.

This form of art often depicted perfect images of very attractive and beautiful women. A girl drawn by Charles Dana Gibson was a popular pin up art; however, there are many pin up artists who have earned quite a name in this field, such as George Petty, Alberto Vargas and artists who have lesser recognition like Art Frahm.

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